Winter 2020 Playoffs

The BHBL Is A Volunteer Based Organization

We began our program in 1998 with the idea of providing an opportunity for the children in our neighborhood to play in a recreational basketball league and have the ability to interact in a positive environment with their friends and family. The BHBL has been and will continue to be an activity that encourages a wonderful camaraderie within our community.


Ultimately, what makes the BHBL work is the incredible dedication and commitment of the volunteers in our program.
For this reason we need your help.

Without our volunteers, the BHBL would not be able to function. We ask each and every one of you to volunteer in some way to help the kids of the BHBL. You can volunteer as a coach or assistant coach. You can also volunteer to assist the league in coordinating the various activities it sponsors for the kids, such as Opening Day, Rating Day, Picture days, the yearbook, the Clipper Clinics, or Trophy Days. You can volunteer to help with our uniforms, our equipment or our trophies. You can also help with registration, division management, team administration management or website maintenance.

Most importantly, the kids of the BHBL really need you to volunteer as a coach or assistant coach. This is our single most important and most fulfilling responsibility. If you have never coached before, don’t let this stop you. We will teach you everything you need to know to have a very positive and successful experience.We ask that you become a part of the BHBL family and make the most of this great opportunity. Please select “Coach Registration” from
the menu to register as a coach.

The BHBL has an open enrollment policy for residents and non-residents alike.  The BHBL provides a priority registration period for Beverly Hills residents and players whose parents volunteer to coach.  Registration is on a first come first serve basis.

Our league has six divisions.

The Booster Division is for players in grades K-1;

The Rookie Division is for players in grades 2-3;

The Minor Division is for players in grades 4-5;

The Major Division is for players in grades 6-7;

The Senior Division is for players in grades 8-9; and

The Super Senior division is for players in grades 10-12.

With the exception of our Booster Division, the girls and boys play on separate teams and only play games against same gender teams.  In our Booster and Rookies Divisions, we also attempt to have same grade teams play against each other as much as our schedule permits.

The Beverly Hills Basketball League conducts a winter and spring season basketball league for girls and boys ages 5-18. Our League is divided into six divisions.

  • Booster Division
  • Rookie Division
  • Minor Division
  • Major Division
  • Senior Division
  • Super Senior Division


Each player enrolled in the Winter season of BHBL will get:

  • Signature BHBL T-Shirt.
  • Custom Designed uniform including jersey and shorts,
  • Photo package,
  • Trophy,
  • Yearbook.

Each player enrolled for our Spring season of BHBL will get:

  • Custom Designed uniform including jersey and shorts
  • Participation gift
  • Championship and Runner-up gift


To all of our BHBL Participants and Families –
We want to thank each and every one of you for “Honoring the Game” and for a great 2013 Season of fun at the Beverly Hills Basketball League.
Thank you to all of the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make sure all of our kids had great fun all season long.
Special thanks to all of our coaches for your dedication and commitment in support of the children of the BHBL.

A standing ovation goes out to our 2013 Coach Sportsmanship Award winners:
Boosters: Michael Soroudi (Louisville)
Boosters: Jason Tonley (Michigan)
Rookie Boys: Farshid Shohed (Gonzaga)
Rookie Boys: Bill French (Texas)
Rookie Girls: Payman Rad (Baylor)
Rookie Girls: Sean Ebrahimian (USC)
Minor Boys: Derek Schneider (Syracuse)
Minor Girls: Brian Goldberg (UCLA)
Minor Girls: Bruce Carlin (USC)
Major Boys: Carlos Rodriguez (North Carolina)
Major Girls: Eric Santana (Duke)
Major Boys: Eli Rezvani (Syracuse)
Senior Boys: Marcus Adams (Kansas)
Senior Girls: Brenda Boudaie (UCLA)
Super Seniors Boys: Daniel Panahi (Georgetown)
Super Seniors Boys: Jonathan Shouhed (North Carolina)

We also want to congratulate our Shootout Award Winners:
Rookie Boys: Liel Yosian
Rookie Girls: Sawyer Grijalva
Minor Boys: Jonathan Nehorai
Minor Girls: Lauren Nehorai
Major Boys: Blake Asherian
Major Girls: Abigail Yosian
Senior Boys: Jacob Broman
Senior Girls: Cady Hakim
Super Senior Boys: Arya Afighom

Congratulations to our Upper Division Champions:
Minor Girls: LSU
Minor Boys: Texas
Major Girls: LSU
Major Boys: Stanford
Senior Girls: California
Senior Boys: UCLA
Super Senior Boys: North Carolina

Thanks very much for your support…
Honor the Game…
Have Fun…